About our Construction Company

Skip Huston Construction was founded by Skip Huston in October of 1996. Skip successfully built a highly respected commercial, residential, and civil excavation business located in Montrose, Colorado. Over the years, Skip Huston Construction has earned a reputation of successfully completing projects on time and under budget. Throughout the 24 years in business, Skip Huston Construction has also demonstrated a commitment to excellence on all projects undertaken.

Skip Huston Construction is best known as a commercial contractor specializing in roads, parking lots, subdivisions, sewer, storm, and waterline installation, septic system installation, and agricultural irrigation pipeline installation to name a few.

In January of 2019, Skip made the decision to sell Skip Huston Construction so that he could move into retirement. Upon his decision to retire he sold Skip Huston Construction to Marty Guy and Eric Fletcher. Skip did not take the sale lightly and insisted that the company continue to uphold his high standards as part of the sale agreement.

Marty and Eric feel privileged that Skip allowed them to keep the company name and continue his legacy.  Marty and Eric have over 70 years of combined experience in the construction industry and have earned the respect of not only Skip Huston but also the Commercial Contractor community in Montrose, Colorado.

Community Involvement

We support the following programs in our community:

  • Montrose County Fair Livestock Sale
  • Montrose County School District Athletics Teams through golf tournament sponsorships
  • Montrose County School District special education department
  • Olathe FFA
  • Montrose County 4-H programs.

Meet Our Team

When you hire our company, you will get to work with our amazing team from start to finish. Get to know them by reading their bio’s below.

Marty Guy
Marty GuyPresident
Marty Guy has more than 38 years’ experience in construction ranging from equipment operator to estimating and project management. Marty’s strengths include working effectively with engineers, inspectors, city officials, and suppliers using his excellent communication skills to bring his projects in on time and within budget. Marty has extensive knowledge with CDOT, BLM, Forest Service, Underground Utility Work (Wet and Dry), Roads, Parking Lots, Site Civil Projects (Private and Commercial), Stormwater Management and Municipal procedures which aids him to consistently work to be ahead of schedule without compromising quality and workmanship. Owners and subcontractors enjoy Marty’s positive solution-oriented personality.
Eric Fletcher
Eric FletcherVice President
Eric Fletcher has more than 18 years’ experience in construction and mining industry with a vast majority of his experience in the underground utility installation arena. Eric’s has a proven track record in the installation of irrigation pipelines, domestic waterlines and services, dry utilities, sanitary and storm sewers. Owners and employees appreciate his hands-on approach to provide solutions and ideas for challenging situations encountered during the installation of underground utilities. Eric’s thorough understanding of current specifications and industry standards for utility installations has helped take Skip Huston Construction to the next level of customer satisfaction.
Steve Putnam
Steve PutnamProject Manager
Steve Putnam has more than 45 years’ experience in both residential and commercial construction ranging from managing concrete, carpentry and steel erection crews to estimating, project management and business owner. Steve’s strengths include working effectively with owners, engineers, inspectors, city officials, subcontractors and suppliers using his excellent communication skills to bring his projects in on time and within budget. Steve has extensive experience working with NPS, CDOT, BLM, Montrose County, City of Montrose, Montrose County School District RE-1J in a variety of projects ranging from site/civil to vertical construction. Steve’s positive “attention for detail” attitude has earned him the respect of both the owners and subcontractors that he has worked with.
Clint Suskey
Clint SuskeySuperintendent
Clint Suskey has more than 35 years’ experience in construction ranging from equipment operator, project foreman and project superintendent. Clint also has extensive background skills in the industry to include equipment mechanic, welding, metal fabrication, underground utilities, and road construction Clint is extremely hard working and is not afraid of any task that is given to him and will always work until task is completed safely, and professionally. One of Clint’s strongest attributes is his extensive experience and knowledge of high-altitude mountain road construction and utility installation.

Completed Projects

Over the years, Skip Huston Construction has earned a reputation of successfully completing projects on time and under budget. Throughout the 24 years in business, Skip Huston Construction has also demonstrated a commitment to excellence on all projects undertaken.


What Our Customers Say

“We have worked with Marty Guy for nearly a decade on various projects. Most recently, we have done two residential homes with Skip Huston, one of which is among the most complex excavation projects in our company’s history. It includes a home in an incredibly steep avalanche chute with two geological hazard fences and a 40′ tall soil nail wall. Marty and his team were able to execute this difficult work on time and on budget. They worked flawlessly with other trades including the company installing the geo hazard fences and the shoring. I would recommend Marty and Skip Huston for any project of any scale and complexity.”


“The Town of Olathe recently completed a $600,000.00 storm drain project. Through a competitive bid process we had the good fortune of selecting Eric Fletcher’s team as the primary contractor. This project was funded with a grant from the State of Colorado, so there were extreme budget constraints. Skip Huston Construction was able to manage this project by cutting costs wherever possible and maintaining a high construction standard.

The real key to this project’s success was the excellent team Skip Huston Construction had on the job. There were numerous decisions that had to be made in the field and I quickly found that I could trust their experience and judgment. This project also had the added challenge of working in a residential area on a road that is one of the main entrances to the elementary school. The crew went out of their way to communicate with the residents and accommodate their needs.

I considered it a pleasure and a privilege working with Skip Huston Construction, and look forward to working with them in the future. ”


“The City of Montrose is pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Marty Guy. The City has worked with Marty as a project manager to construct nearly one million dollars of public infrastructure improvements over the past five years. These projects have included the construction of utilities, drainage improvements, curb and gutter, sidewalks, paving, and landscaping improvements.

Under Marty’s management, all of the projects we have worked with him on have resulted in a quality product within budget for the City of Montrose. One item that sets Marty well above the competition is his ability to identify and address construction or design issues well before they become an issue in the field. When identified, Marty has worked with us in a positive and collaborative manner to resolve the issues quickly. This has consistently helped us keep our projects on track and has resulted in a higher-quality end product than would have been possible without his expertise.

We thank Marty for the great work he has done for our community and look forward to working together on future projects.”


Trusted Partners

All of Skip Huston Constructions sub-contractors share our philosophy and are dedicated to customer satisfaction with proven track records of success.

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