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Government and Municipality Work

Our governmental and municipality work is wide ranging to include general road construction, sidewalk removal and replacement, storm sewers, storm sewer inlet installation, sanitary sewer, sanitary sewer manhole installation, domestic watermain installation, domestic water services, and sanitary sewer service.

Commercial Site Excavation, Grading and Utility Contractor Services

We are ready to take on all commercial site excavation, grading for parking lots, curb and gutter base preparation, sidewalk base preparation, licensed for fire line connections, water service connections, sewer service connections, electrical trenching and backfill, communications trenching and backfill, grease interceptors, and sand/oil separators. We can handle all your commercial excavation and grading needs.

Commercial Foundation Excavation and Backfill Services

We are highly experienced with commercial foundation excavation and backfill. Complex foundation designs and step footing are no problem. We understand that on commercial project, the foundation is a critical path item and getting the grades for the footer prep right is of extreme importance. The more efficient we are on the foundation and footer excavation and prep the faster you can get the building out of the ground. We also understand that once the foundation is poured, it is critical that the foundation be backfilled quickly and proficiently so that you can get other trades started.

Complete Residential Septic Systems, Septic Tanks, and Leach Field Installation Services

We have a wide range of experience in all types of commercial and residential septic systems. The owner Marty Guy is a licensed (OWTS) On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Installer in Gunnison County and has taken and passed (NAWT) National Association of Wastewater Technicians Installer Training Course.

Residential and Commercial Retaining Walls Services

We have experience in installation of many types of retaining wall systems to include:

  • Hilfiker Welded Wire Walls
  • Boulder Retaining Walls
  • Versa-Lock Walls
  • Stone Strong Walls

Residential Foundation Excavation and Backfill Services

Our team has a significant number of residential foundation excavations and backfills under our belt. The vast majority of our team’s residential house excavation experience is in the Telluride / Mountain Village area. The custom home excavation and backfills in this market can be some of the most challenging foundation excavations you will ever see. With the complex step footing foundations, it essential that the excavation be planned and excavated accordingly. There is no getting your equipment back in if not excavated correctly. There are also strict requirements that limit the work area and special care most also be taken to protect the environment and trees not approved for removal.

Residential Driveways New and Re-Graveling Services

Is your drive full of potholes? Are you tired of driving through mud? Are you tired of taking your car over a 4-wheel drive goat path to get to your house? If so, we are equipped to handle all your rural driveway needs. Whether you need a completely new driveway or just tuning your existing drive up and adding gravel. We have you covered.

Agricultural Irrigation System Services

Skip Huston Construction also specializes in the design and installation of agricultural irrigation systems in Montrose and surrounding areas of Western Colorado. We have designed and installed over 40,000 linear feet of irrigation piping in the past 2-years winter seasons ranging in sizes from 8-inch to 48-inch.

Underground Utility Installation Services

We are experienced in all manor of utility installations from complete install to just trenching and backfill to include:

  • Domestic Water Mains and Fire Hydrants
  • Sanitary Sewer Main Lines and Manholes
  • Storm Sewer Lines and Inlets
  • Electrical Trenching and Backfill
  • Communication Trenching and Backfill
  • Cable TV Trenching and Backfill

What Our Customers Say

“We have worked with Marty Guy for nearly a decade on various projects. Most recently, we have done two residential homes with Skip Huston, one of which is among the most complex excavation projects in our company’s history. It includes a home in an incredibly steep avalanche chute with two geological hazard fences and a 40′ tall soil nail wall. Marty and his team were able to execute this difficult work on time and on budget. They worked flawlessly with other trades including the company installing the geo hazard fences and the shoring. I would recommend Marty and Skip Huston for any project of any scale and complexity.”


“The Town of Olathe recently completed a $600,000.00 storm drain project. Through a competitive bid process we had the good fortune of selecting Eric Fletcher’s team as the primary contractor. This project was funded with a grant from the State of Colorado, so there were extreme budget constraints. Skip Huston Construction was able to manage this project by cutting costs wherever possible and maintaining a high construction standard.

The real key to this project’s success was the excellent team Skip Huston Construction had on the job. There were numerous decisions that had to be made in the field and I quickly found that I could trust their experience and judgment. This project also had the added challenge of working in a residential area on a road that is one of the main entrances to the elementary school. The crew went out of their way to communicate with the residents and accommodate their needs.

I considered it a pleasure and a privilege working with Skip Huston Construction, and look forward to working with them in the future. ”


“The City of Montrose is pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Marty Guy. The City has worked with Marty as a project manager to construct nearly one million dollars of public infrastructure improvements over the past five years. These projects have included the construction of utilities, drainage improvements, curb and gutter, sidewalks, paving, and landscaping improvements.

Under Marty’s management, all of the projects we have worked with him on have resulted in a quality product within budget for the City of Montrose. One item that sets Marty well above the competition is his ability to identify and address construction or design issues well before they become an issue in the field. When identified, Marty has worked with us in a positive and collaborative manner to resolve the issues quickly. This has consistently helped us keep our projects on track and has resulted in a higher-quality end product than would have been possible without his expertise.

We thank Marty for the great work he has done for our community and look forward to working together on future projects.”


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