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Past Project Experience – Brodsky Project – Telluride, CO

Project Scope and Relevance: This project included the export of 3,500 cubic yards of material from the excavation of a 7,238 square foot custom home. The building and reclamation of pioneer roads in a avalanche chute in very steep mountain terrain for two geological hazard fences. Working closely with shoring company, survey and trucking company to bring down 40’ tall soil nail wall. The excavation, prep and backfill of extremely complex foundation design. The installation of a 1,040 square foot, 4 to 10-foot-tall Hilfiker retaining wall for parking area. The installation of a multi-level septic system. All work on this project was completed on time and on budget from October of 2018 to substantial completion in Mid-September of 2019.

Project Challenges: The biggest challenge on this project was the on-going coordination requirements between the shoring company and coordination of trucking for the export of excess material. The project required us to excavate down 4-feet at a time, have survey come out and verify the toe of excavation then let the shoring crew install soil nails and shotcrete before starting the next lift of excavation. All work was completed during the winter months with a record amount of snow fall in San Juan Mountains in 2018/2019.

Change Orders: There was a lot of time and materials work done for snow removal and sanding of roads in order to get export trucks up the steep road to the project location. There was some time and materials work to hammer out and remove bedrock at the bottom of the excavation next to soil nail wall. There was also a design-initiated change order to add a second perimeter drainpipe to the backside of foundation to take care of the unusually large amount of ground water that was encountered near the bottom of the excavation.

Contract Amount: $320,074.97 Privately Funded

Project Details


Finbro Construction, LLC, 70 Pilot Knob Ln, Telluride, CO 81435
Werner Catsman (970) 519-1379, [email protected]


General Contractor: Finbro Construction, LLC, 70 Pilot Knob Ln, Telluride, CO 81435
Werner Catsman (970) 519-1379, [email protected]

Civil Design Engineer: Uncompahgre Engineering, LLC, P.O. Box 3945, Telluride, CO 81435
David Ballode, P.E. (970) 729-0683, [email protected]

Project Superintendent: Chad Morton, Finbro Construction, LLC (970) 729-1263,  [email protected]

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