Project Description

Past Project Experience – BLM – Montrose Interagency Fire Building – Montrose, CO

Project Scope and Relevance: Skip Huston Construction was the sitework subcontractor for the project General Contractor, Stryker & Company. Our Scope of Work included: site demo; earthwork; stripping gravel and stockpiling; excavation & fill; grading & prep for site gravel; erosion control; site water piping; fire suppression water piping; sanitary sewerage piping; adjust existing manhole; perimeter foundation and roof drains; trenching for gas lines, electrical and comm lines.

Project Challenges: Due to the limited overall grading and excavation on this project there was a substantial amount of mobilization & de-mobilization. However, the most challenging item was the effort that was taken to locate the existing utilities on this project. Our Crew worked with the City of Montrose Water Department for 3 days before the existing water line was located. Once the existing waterline was located it was found to be running under the proposed building and 400 linear feet of existing waterline had to be relocated to accommodate this project.

Change Orders: There were several change orders on this project related to existing utilities differing from what was indicated on the plans. There were also some minor owner-initiated design changes and unforeseen obstacles which had to be addressed.

Subcontract Amount: $169,278.67 Publicly Funded

Project Details


Bureau of Land Management, 2465 South Townsend Ave, Montrose, CO 81401 Peter Russell, COR  (970) 240-5433,  [email protected]


General Contractor: Stryker & Company, Inc, 688 Spring Creek Road, Montrose, CO 81403
Mark Clutts – Project Manager, (970) 964-4434,  [email protected]

Superintendent: Stryker & Company, Inc, 688 Spring Creek Road, Montrose, CO 81403
Brian Kail (970) 596-7147,  [email protected]

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